One of the joys of my endeavors is being able to blend together the wealth of materials now available for crafting jewelry. Being able to unite materials from near and far in ways that are pleasing to the eye and touch - each selected from a palette so broad that it would have been unimaginable even a few years ago - is a wonder.

The topics below give an introduction to the materials among my resources.

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Precious Metals

They are valued not only for their intrinsic worth, but also for their workability and durability in jewelry designs. A higher initial investment will be rewarded with a long-term reward of continuing beauty and utility.

Base Metals

Precious metals are not alone in being able to treat the eye and the caress. One of the trends that I am pleased to see is the use of other metals in articles of high-fashion, expanding the colors and combinations available to jewelry design.

Modern metallurgy enables these alloys to bring their own virtues to the fore, and increase the possibilities for striking designs accordingly.

Stones & Other Materials

I try to find the balance in merging the metals of the design with the stone or other focal element they are supporting. There is indeed art in striking that balance, in giving the stone a worthy supporting cast but letting it speak for itself.

A successful blending of these elements will demonstrate a true outcome of “the sum is greater than the parts”.