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Beauty comes from within you and can’t be added on as a veneer.

Carefully chosen jewelry can, however, serve as focal points and magnifiers of your natural beauty.

From ancient times, the peoples of the world have searched out and found durable materials that through their sparkle, shine, color or metaphysical nature have the ability to provide that focus and magnification.

I am continuing this search and craftwork to take uncommon materials from the realms of rocks, minerals and semi-precious stones and create unique hand-wrought pieces of jewelry that will artistically enhance your natural beauty.

“Flawless beauty” is an accolade given to some select starlets and models occasionally.

It implies there is an ideal beauty that can be achieved by striving to some criteria of perfection.

I have also heard the term “flawed beauty’ now and then, but I will use it to characterize the charisma that can be found in people who may not attain whatever the ideal of beauty is at present.

Instead, they celebrate this “insufficiency” and through artful combination of inner beauty and complementary jewelry they attain a kind of beauty that outshines the paragons of the moment.

My philosophy holds to this hypothesis:

To achieve an admirable relationship between your inner beauty and the jewelry you select to accentuate and enhance it, choose materials and preparations that are themselves not flawless, but unique and artfully made.

While the “flawless beauty” I’ve described might look completely at ease enrobed in flawless diamonds and the resonance of this combination will transport them to some plateau of idealism, I would say this would be an unfavorable combination for those not blessed with a flawless aspect.

I have used this as a key criteria in my search for materials.

The idea that a stone or gem that is NOT flawless may in fact be the very thing that will complement your inner beauty.

By selecting rocks, minerals and semi-precious gems that have a high degree of uniqueness and character, I believe they will serve to embellish your attractiveness and provide that complementary relationship that will promote your charisma and personal appeal.

There are numerous ways to prepare these materials to be worn.

I find that each stone has its own voice and I seek to prepare it in ways that allow this voice to sing out, minimizing the preparation to the advantage of the stone.

In concert with the notes of your attributes, I believe this will provide a ‘visual symphony’ to the joy of all those you encounter.

I invite you to enjoy the gallery pictures of my one-of-a-kind creations...

...and other information on my site and contact me to arrange adding a favorite to your collection.

If you see one example of a piece in a set of materials that doesn’t have complete appeal for you, please contact me about fabricating something similar in a different stone/metal or article combination.

Sometimes, it is possible to prepare earring and bracelets that are ‘family members’ with a pendant (or vice versa), but this will depend on available materials.

But please ask, if this will aid in your selection.